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We're about the sacrifice and the adversity that forms one’s character.  Our mission statement and the flag we use encompasses our core belief and goal to serve – "Team Before Self" embodies this and the five-stars on our flag represent the branches that serve our great nation.  We all have the potential to achieve greatness, but our mates to the left and right along with our own intestinal fortitude is the combination that propels us to that next ridge line.

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Whats New?

  • January 2021
    Private Clothing Label

    Team Before Self establishes its own clothing line with its signature label.

  • October 2020
    Social Media Hype

    Team Before Self surpasses 20,000+ Facebook followers.

  • July 2018
    Strength Independence Sacrifice

    Team Before Self rebrand and relocation of all operations to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  • July 2017
    Expanding a Vision
    Spartan Zero Six is launched by founding partners in Saratoga Springs, New York.
  • August 2017
    Marketing Launch
    The Spartan Zero Six website is launched.
  • September 2017
    LLC Formed

    The Partners of SZ6 form a Limited Liability Company in the state of Virginia. Homebase of CEO and President Michael "Mongo" Minotto.

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