Aligned with the latest industry & safety standards, TBS offers both private & group training for various audiences - from concealed carry to sophisticated self-defense. Whether civilian, military, law enforcement or tactical – TBS provides high-quality weapons & combat training. From handgun basics to professional warfare – Michael “Mongo” Minotto, a tremendously motivated leader and dedicated Expeditionary Warfare Specialist, has trained thousands of people in his successful military career of 25+ years. A true warfighter highly seasoned in combat, aggressive shooting and weapons handling – Mongo holds a skillset of exceptional talent highly sought after by armed professionals seeking first-class training. Check out Mongo’s expertise here

From speed and accuracy to mental mindset with physical stress, TBS training prepares candidates thoroughly. All TBS training participants are instructed to bring writing gear, ear pro/eye pro, rain gear, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, bottled water, & hand sanitizer, handgun cleaning kit and gun oil / CLP. TBS Training includes all range fees, dry-fire practice and course material. A loaner firearm and related equipment may be provided for select training only. Participants have the option to use their agency issued or personally owned weapons. Absolutely no reloaded or remanufactured ammunition. Ammunition must be new manufacture. Brass case is best!

Reminder: COVID-19 has created challenges with location access restrictions. This, combined with the shortage of ammunition, makes firearms practicing much more in demand. TBS will do its best to ensure that your selected training, as well as your desired location, and preferred day, date and time, is honored - however, it is not guaranteed.

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