Team Before Self Competition

Get Your Team Together


Inspire action to whole self betterment through teamwork and competition.


Choose your role within your 5 man team from Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, Navigator, or Team Member.

Whole Self

The competition is centered on completing a diverse list of charitable, healthy and professional developement activities for points.

Tailored For You

Points are assigned to activities based on your personally identified needs and desire for improvement.


You choose what to do from a list of activities with each activity's method and requirements detailed within the app.


The winning team receives primo TBS swag. 

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What Our Teammates are Saying

  • "The competition inspired me through teamwork and commitment. I deal with PTSD and working towards a common goal with other vets was really positive."

    — Jamie

  • "Seeing what others were doing daily gave me the motivation to keep up with them, suck it up and get work done!"

    — Dave

  • "It's all about Team Before Self!"

    — Shane

  • "The team structure inspired me to take action in personal areas of need. Knowing that my personal choices and actions would either support the team or let them down worked as the extra push I needed on a daily basis."

    — Ray

Team Member Login

Teammates can login. If you don't have your login credentials, contact the site administrator.
Please note, the Team Portal is still being developed, and we have limited access at this point. If you are interested in joining any of our programs, please email us.
Do you currently Own or Operate a veteran Owned Business and would like to be listed on our directory?

We Support Our Fellow Vets

Team Before Self is all about helping and supporting Veterans, Veteran Owned and Operated Businesses. By offering these cross-promotions, we build a stronger veteran community.

The Purpose of the Team Before Self Team Room is to promote and expand on our core values and mission. On this page we will offer promotional support services for veterans who own and operate a business in the United States, AND eventually offer resources to individuals who have served or are currently serving this great nation in our Armed Services, through establishment of:

  • Health and Wellness
    Customized Training Programs to help maintain both physical and mental fitness.
  • Motivational Speaking and Consulting

    Access to skilled individuals who may be able guide you through directing your team towards success. We provide professional council and recommendations on transitioning towards a successful future!

  • Transitioning to Civilian Life
    Get direct access to Executives and Professionals at Veteran Suppport Agencies such as the USO and Local Housing Agencies.

Partner Apps

Introducing your health and wellness app to our thriving community

Verified Veteran Owned Businesses

Flight Creative Group

Verified Veteran Owned Business

Full service design and digital marketing agency located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Owned and operated by U.S. Air Force Veteran, Juergen Klingenberg.

Caffe Vero

Verified Veteran Owned Business

Restaurant and cafe located in Lake George, New York. Owned and operated by U.S. Air Force Veteran, Michael Congel.

Hot Yoga Santee

Verified Veteran Owned Business

Veteran owned and operated yoga & fitness center in San Diego, California. U.S. Marine Corps. Veteran, John Szczepanowski. 

Bear State Tactical

Verified Veteran Owned Business

All things firearms. Custom AR15/AR10/AK rifles/pistols in Orange County, California. U.S. Marine Corps. Veteran, Ron Hernandez.

Gary Roberson, CPA

Veteran Friendly
Certified Public Accountant in Virginia Beach, VA.

Contact us to get added

Are you a Veteran owned or operated business? Do you know of one? Tell us about yourself and the business, and after we have a chance to verify the business, we'll add to our team.

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    Mon-Fri: 11:00am - 4:00pm

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