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Team Before Self provides high-quality entertainment consulting pertaining to warfare, strategy, combat environment, tactical team movements and more to technology & gaming creativity, commercial advertising, music video, streaming media, documentary and television & film production industries. Our expertise compliments your environment, adding immense value by eliminating guesswork, constantly providing accurate demonstrations displaying true knowledge of wardrobe, military environments, and action on objective. Enhance your production set by using our highly-skilled consulting expertise, achieving authentic portrayals of military personnel and equipment, with pure accuracy.  Utilizing our consulting services saves time, money and removes unnecessary stress by properly navigating through the Department of Defense’s selected military’s authorized entertainment liaison offices pertaining to scripted and unscripted entertainment — fully coaching and mentoring every step of the way throughout all phases of the production life cycle - from research, staffing selection, set design, through initial production requests, action plans to final product delivery.

Senior Chief Minotto, assigned to Riverine Squadron 2, explains the functions of the M4 Battle Rifle to actress Hilarie Burton from the show, "One Tree Hill." Burton was on a scheduled United Service Organizations trip to Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael R. Hinchcliffe/Released). 

Security Planning & Design

Team Before Self recognizes that security needs are critical in the planning and designing process.  This includes, but not limited to, working with contractors and architects, and other key staff, pertaining to planning security needs at the beginning of any potential building design or addition.  By doing so, it will result in the constructing of a facility operating and adhering to strong security measures, resulting in maximum protection of staff, clients, assets and more.  By hiring TBS, you eliminate the guesswork of establishing security in your new facility, while simultaneously making security operations cost-effective overall, and less intrusive from the end user’s perspective.

TBS’s process embraces three main functions in establishing security at your new facility / enterprise: to identify risks, determine / evaluate / monitor action and implement the new security plan / locations.  This includes, but not limited to, working with new site & building plans – risk identification, selecting & determining security requirements as appropriate and working with locations with having diverse security levels, selecting/creating/establishing security areas/zones/locations, embracing entrances/exits (locked doors / security fences - re-barb / gates, parking lots / valet / commercial vehicles, landscaping / vehicular barriers), lighting (day & night), all electronic security systems: entrance (designation, access & control), video surveillance (monitoring & analyzing footage), proper use of security intercom system, building & panic alarms, security screening technology (package scans, metal detectors, etc.), security for high-value items & monetary worth (safes / vaults that contain bullet/blast resistant barriers), selecting / designating & assigning appropriate security signage, emergency communications systems (first responder), site inspections, and provide miscellaneous consultation regarding the implementation of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) methodologies to ensure security initiatives are completed with ease.

Security Manuals

Because Team Before Self conducts high-quality physical security assessments pertaining to security needs of various work environments, with this comes the need to train your staff pertaining to security protocol.  Having a security manual that reflects all SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), and security policies makes adhering to security best practices effective for your work environment. TBS writes security manuals from scratch and also modifies old security manuals that may contain outdated practices, resulting in making them current.  Although working with your existing security manual may appear easier, in some cases modifications are numerous and drastic, adding high levels of re-work due to new security measures & levels, ultimately resulting in creating a brand-new security manual and extensively training staff accordingly. 

Physical Security Assessments

Team Before Self conducts high-quality physical security assessments pertaining to security needs of various work environments with diverse clients from both the private & public sectors, in both small & large scale. 

Private (Home Security Assessments)

We conduct physical security assessments on the estates, properties & residences of celebrities & other high-profile, high-net worth individuals – ensuring their overall safety. The TBS Home Security Assessment includes, but not limited to, questioning residents to identify security concerns (past, present and potential future problems if any), reviewing residence activities and safety evacuation plans, analyzing the layout of the residence (especially bedrooms, storage rooms, entrances, etc.) thoroughly which includes, but not limited to, property boundaries, walls, fences, landscaping, lighting, signage, current alarm / surveillance systems, intercoms, doors, windows, safes, vaults, safe rooms, etc.). When done, the Home Security Assessment Report will be submitted for review and an Implementation Plan will deploy.


We conduct physical security assessments for various environments in both the private industry and public sector, including, but not limited to, the following entities: Corporate Headquarters (facilities & parking), Financial (banking & investments), Government - Military & Municipalities (state, city & local), Healthcare (hospitals, urgent care facilities, labs), Medical (facilities for biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical device, laboratory including research and development), Technology (facilities for software, electronics & gaming manufacturing, data centers), Industrial & Manufacturing (facilities with product such as plant sites, warehouses and distribution centers), Entertainment and Media (production sets), Private Education (schools, boarding residences), Private Communities (Condominiums, High-Rise Apartment Complexes, etc.) and more. 

Security Assessment Report

Our expertise compliments your environment by identifying risks, threats & weaknesses, by remedying with cost-effective solutions — using current technology and the industry’s best practices.  All security assessments include Threat Identification / Risk Analysis, Facility Security Review, Site Review, Crime Data Analysis (reports of theft, vandalism, break-ins, police calls, other crime statistics and crime forecasting pertaining to seasons, days, times & other influential variables), embracing CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) methodologies and industry-specific security requirements imposed by regulatory agencies, Reviews of Operating Procedures, Policies, Procedures, Management, Personnel, Staff & develop an Implementation Plan with short & long term costs, culture and benefits.

Security Assessment Process

TBS’s process embraces three main functions: to identify risks, determine corrective action and evaluate / monitor the newly implemented security plan. The process starts by meeting with decision-making management.  Once commitment is attained, TBS will start by requesting company documentation (site & building plans, protocol, analyzing current and existing security policies, etc.), doing a walk-though of the facilities, corresponding with select staff working with security-related functions (reception area, shipping, receiving, etc.), conducting detailed inspections of selected covered areas, conducting an evening evaluation / assessment (without the presence of sunlight) to view levels of shade/darkness and how operations after hours are deployed. Preliminary findings and recommendations will be provided in a report for management to review so evaluation and an implementation plan can be established. 

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