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Michael Minotto

TBS CEO | Senior Enlisted Leader | SCPO (EXW/PJ)

Life and the paths we choose bring us to a variety of waypoints throughout our lives. On my journey to creating Team Before Self, I have crossed paths with some great people.

Some I know very well, others only in passing through conversation, but similar experiences created an instant bond that made it easy to connect. So I decided to create Team Before Self. It has been a privilege to serve our Nation.

So the creation of TBS is my way of continuing to serve and support those that serve and protect. Our "Team Before Self" slogan is bigger than any one person. It is also something that unites us, whether it’s a boardroom, a small team in the middle of God’s country, or on a city street protecting the Homefront to keep us safe.

"Team Before Self", is the common thread that comes from within. It motivates us to rise to the challenges, work through the pain and forge our inner self to never quit, never stop and always raising the bar for our teammates to the left and right; remembering our strength is our Team and our Team is our strength.

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