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  • Michael "Mongo" Minotto
    TBS CEO | Senior Enlisted Leader | SCPO (EXW/PJ)

    Michael Minotto is a tremendously motivated leader and dedicated Expeditionary Warfare Specialist with 10 deployments drawn between the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman/Scout Sniper and the United States Navy as a Riverine and NSW training Cadre. 

    During the time he spent with Naval Special Warfare, Michael trained countless number of support personnel in combat skills ranging from convoy operations, weapons, land navigation and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).  He also conducted force protection assessments for the NSW force during his deployment to Afghanistan, ensuring the great men of the Teams had defense in depth and standoff weapons integration when not out on patrols hunting those that would bring harm to our way of life.

    During his Riverine time, he was instrumental in offensive operations for the Ground Combat Element as the Patrol Leader and conducted over 430 combat missions over 2 deployments to Iraq, locating enemy and weapons that the insurgency brought to bear. With his experience from the Marine Corps and during his combat operations he is a proven effective and mature leader with a clear understanding of battlefield operations ranging from foreign internal defense training, combat skills, basic and advanced weapons, close quarter battle, convoy operation and small boat operations in a riparian environment.  

  • Joel McGuire
    TBS Team Member | Retired Senior Enlisted Leader (SEAL/18D/PARAMEDIC/ESWS)

    Joel McGuire is a retired decorated veteran who served 26 years in the Navy. 20 of those years were in Naval Special Warfare as a SEAL. He has multiple deployments and countless missions all over the world.

    He is a dedicated leader, teammate, and motivator who enjoys giving back and helping others. He instills teamwork in others and helps them obtain their goals and overcome obstacles by sharing his time, experience and knowledge.

  • Juergen Klingenberg
    TBS Team Member | AF Veteran | Design, Production and Marketing Director

    Juergen Klingenberg (The Visionary) is a United States Air Force Veteran who served proudly as Civil Engineering Specialist, while stationed stateside at LOWRY AF Base, Denver Colorado and Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas during his tour of duty.

    Since leaving the Air Force, he has been a Enterpeneur and Independant Business Owner in the design and advertising industry in Upstate New York. Co-Owner, and the "Visionary" of a very successful design firm in upstate New York, his leadership and creative skills have helped him manage his team the past 30 years.

    Juergen and his design team at Brainworks Studio, provide professional creative design, digital marketing and printing services to clients throughout the United States, Europe and Northern Africa.

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